What Dogs Are More Likely to Be Biters?

Some breeds of dogs are bred to be mean, and overly aggressive. Other types of breeds are simply the victims of a bad owner. Most professional dog trainers will candidly tell you that it's much harder to train the dog's owner than is it to train the average dog. Regardless of the breed, any dog ​​can and will bite, depending on the circumstances. Knowing why a dog bites can be useful in hopefully preventing a potential serious dog bite attack. Staying away from certain breeds can also lessen the chances of you or a loved one becoming a victim of being bitten by a dog.

Fear can often instill aggression by a canine. Many different things can cause a fearful reaction, thus resulting in an attack. Quick or mysterious actions around a dog or loud noises which are unexpected can sometimes lead to an aggressive behavior on the part of the dog. A peacefully sleeping dog who is suddenly awoken can become very nervous or extremely angry, and react quite kindly. There is a very good reason for the old saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie".

If a dog is feeling personally threatened, or perceives their human family or property is under attack, an aggressive behavior may quickly ensue. Food should never be touched while a dog is eating, as the animal, by nature, will be very protective of their food. It is just basic instinct to protect their food.

Sick or injured dogs may not be interested in being around people of other animals, even ones they usually have a good relationship with. They will not be as patient as they usually may be feeling normal. Exercise a great deal of caution around a dog who is sick or has been injured in any way. The dog may not be able to understand and be quite confused about why they are in pain., And try to lash out at you as a means of dealing with the situation.

Be especially cautiously around a new mother who may be nursing her new pups. It is very common for her to react with extreme aggression if she thinks that her pups are in any possible danger. Just approaching the new mother to see the puppies can bring out a protective fear in her.

Dogs are known to be man's best friend. Sadly, though, too often a dog becomes the cause of a traumatic nightmare. Staying safe around dogs means knowing proper behaviors for the humans and the dog as well. Remember that a dog is an animal, and that their behavior can not always be predicted. The most loving and loyal friend can become an aggressive enemy before you can react. No matter how much you love them, their instincts will rise in certain situations.

Source by Jeffrey S Dawson

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