What Breed of Dog is Right For Me?

Dogs make great pets, and people seem to bond to them in a unique way. They are, after all, Man’s Best Friend. But there are so many different breeds out there, all with their own idiosyncratic qualities and personalities, all different sizes, all different advantages and disadvantages. So it can be overwhelming to know that you want to have a pet dog, but be confronted with all the various breeds out there, not knowing which way to go. This article will help you narrow down your choice based on what you want in a dog.

The Most Popular Breeds

The following are some of the most popular breeds of dogs, with the qualities that make them most attractive to prospective owners.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are mid-size dogs with a medium-length coat. They are known to be highly intelligent and empathetic, and share a close bond with their family. Golden Retrievers enjoy both play and relaxation, and because of their size require a fair amount of exercise. They love to swim and are highly trainable, known to be one of the most adaptable dog breeds in the world; they have been trained to be guide dogs for the blind or deaf, drug detectors, search-and-rescue animals, and hunting dogs. Recently, some have even been trained to detect the minute chemical changes in diabetics and epileptics. Golden Retrievers make excellent pets for families and active adults, although they can be a bit of a handful if they’re confined to smaller spaces.


While there are many breeds that make up the Terrier group, they all share certain characteristics. Small but bold, Terriers are known for their silky coats, and many breeds are hypoallergenic, which means they make good dogs for people with allergies. And because of their size, they are good for smaller apartments. Though their personality varies from breed to breed, many Terriers are very fond of their owners but wary towards strangers.


The Boxer is known for its fondness to its owners, but also for its solitary nature towards strangers and other dogs. Muscular and energetic, they are fond of children, but wary of people they don’t know. Because of this, they make great family pets, and are also capable of defending the homestead. Boxers require a fair amount of training, discipline, and exercise, so they require a dedicated owner.

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