The Green Singing Finch-African Finches

The African finches are some of the most photographed bird in Africa. They vary in colors and they are beautiful singing birds. The green singing finch in particular is a small African finch variety, relative to the canaries. Characteristics The green singing finches (Serinus mozambicus) also often called Green Singer, Little Green Singer, and Mozambique […]

Koi Feeding Basics

Every people who love these beautiful pets would like to own have healthy and colorful ones. You can help your koi if you follow these instructions. When you choose Koi foods, you should check the quality. It is very important, because the proper nutrition is the basic rule if you would like to have healthy […]

True Love By Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov not only easily captures his insight of possible future problems, but is also noteworthy because of his ability to make the reader think about the meaning of true love itself. True Love is written in the future about a scientist named Milton Davidson that is either socially awkward or otherwise non-functional, Davidson is […]

The Animals That Rely On Our Trees

The trees in our yard are the lynchpin that holds the delicate balance of wildlife presence together. So many animals rely on our healthy trees to provide them with shelter, food, and even transportation routes, and without trees, none of those animals would be close to enrich our environment and our lives. Learn more about […]

Winnipeg – Canada's Gateway City

If not in the exact geographic center of Canada, Winnipeg is certainly in the center of Canada in most Canadians' minds. The capital of Manitoba, it is often referred to as The Gateway City, or simply the 'Peg by locals. It has a long and varied history, starting from when it was called Fort Garry, […]

What Dogs Are More Likely to Be Biters?

Some breeds of dogs are bred to be mean, and overly aggressive. Other types of breeds are simply the victims of a bad owner. Most professional dog trainers will candidly tell you that it's much harder to train the dog's owner than is it to train the average dog. Regardless of the breed, any dog […]

Bulrushes – Not to Be Confused With Cattails

Whenever you hear the word bulrush, do you think of cattails? Oddly enough, most people do. However, there are some differences between the two, although cohabitation is not unheard of. Cattails are known to invade a wetland much faster than bulrushes, taking over large expanses in a single growing season because of their mass quantities […]