Overcome the Fear of Flying Using Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk

I want to help you overcome your fear of flying!

I know the feeling all too well..

At first, it feels like a slight sensation, you might even brush it off as nothing at all.

Then, you notice that the air seems scarce, it’s harder for you to get in a proper breath.

Your heart’s palpitations are thumping strongly in your chest. Are you having a heart attack you might wonder?

Your palms are getting sweaty, your legs feel like they are about to give in, and a feeling of light-headedness takes over you.

You start panicking. And as you do so, the sensations get stronger and stronger. You say to yourself things like, ‘I’m going to pass out!’ or even, ‘I’m going to DIE!’…

Stop right there!

Instead of filling your mind with thoughts of impending doom. You must focus on positive statements that will empower you, and help you cope with your fear.

Here are some excellent statements you can use the next time you are experiencing anxiety around your flying fear:

  • These feelings will pass, and it will all be okay. I am safe.
  • I need to slow down, and relax. That is the best way for me to remain calm.
  • This feels terrible, but I know that I am strong enough to withstand this!
  • These feelings cannot hurt me. I am safe. Even though this feels dangerous, it is not. I know this, it is a fact.
  • I’ve survived this before, and I know I’ll be okay. This too shall pass…

Using these statements can help you overcome any panic attack, and can definitely be used to bring fast relief to your fear of flying.

Write them down, memorize them, say them often, so that they will come out naturally when you really need them.

Source by Kenneth Woodall

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