How to Flirt With a Woman and Make Her Feel Sparks With YOU

It's pretty common place for guys to feel as though they just do not know how to flirt with a woman properly, at least not in the way that will make her feel those "sparks" that every woman longs to feel. If you find that flirting with a woman is often kind of awkward and uncomfortable for you, you are not alone. However, you may find comfort in knowing that you can pick up the skills and the techniques that will make flirting with a woman seem like a breeze for you and you will definitely be able to create some powerful chemistry with her.

Here are 3 tips on how to flirt with a woman and make her feel those sparks:

1. Focus on using your eyes to make her feel like she is lost in the moment.

If you have ever had the experience of locking eyes with a woman, and yet one of you can seem to look away, then you know just how powerful and seductive that can be. Well, you can create that kind of connection just about any time that you like, as long as you know how to use eye contact attraction the right away. What most men do wrong is, they end up looking like they are gawking at a woman or in a kind of scary cold glaze. It has to seem warm and inviting to her.

2. Break the ice by making her laugh, as long as it's not at you.

To me, self deprecating humor is the funniest kind of humor that a comedian can use. However, in the context of a woman that you have just met or are trying to attract, it's one of the worst kinds that you can use. Humor can be a very easy and effective way to make a woman feel connected and at ease with you, but it has to be done right. Poking fun at yourself should be very limited or not used at all, not until the rapport is already there.

3. Touch her whenever you can, just do not seem like you are groping at her.

Doing little things is often better than doing big and obvious things, so if you want to touch a woman to get the sparks flying, use the little touches here and there. A hand on her shoulder, or on her knee can be enough to get the chemistry building while at the same time showing her that you are not some perverted creep just looking to cop a feel.

Source by Chris Tyler

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