Exposing Causes Of Allergies – Vital Tips For Sufferers

Most doctors and researchers are still quite confused as to why certain things cause allergies in some people. Many a times some people react to certain things triggering off a series of reactions in their bodies while the same things may not have any effect on others. It is often difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone is having an allergy to a particular thing while the same thing may have no reaction on another person. With allergies it is difficult to find out what exactly is causing them and dealing with these symptoms can be really tough. An allergy can be anything from a sneeze to a running nose, or even an anaphylactic shock which can even lead to death.

Doctors are of the opinion that when immunity is down in a person it means that they are prone to allergies. The immune system in a person when it perceives that an alien object is harmful to the body, it gets ready to fight off the intruder and so begins to produce a number of symptoms like hives or rashes on the skin, running nose, watering eyes and sneezing .The moment the alien object leaves the body the symptoms of allergy which the person had also subsides but there are also times when they can take more time to subside.

Many a time allergies are a disadvantage to many people. For example, people who are allergic to hair will find that they cannot have a pet dog or cat as the hair from the animal’s body can trigger off a series of chain reactions in their body.

There are ways to prevent certain allergies. Many people are allergic to dust and so any sweeping or dusting would immediately cause reactions in their body. Pollens from flowers are also known to cause allergies. By using a vacuum cleaner which has an inbuilt filter it is possible for us to remove dust and dust mites from our surrounding areas and we can also fit filtering systems to protect us from air borne pollens coming from outside.

Though there are many tests to determine the causes of allergies, the skin prick test is by far the best. This test is best conducted under the supervision of an allergy specialist. Here what the doctor does is inject each and every item they feel is causing allergy into the patient?s body. This helps the doctors to narrow down on what exactly is causing the allergy.

There are many allergy medications which patients can take so that they can do their work normally. There are also medications which can stop the allergy even before it causes an attack. It is always better to test for allergies before you decide to take any particular medication for it.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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