Expatriates: What You Should Know

An Expatriate is an individual who resides in a country that they were not raised in or did not obtain their citizenship from. However, the term does not apply to government officials who are employed or stationed in a foreign country. Expatriates are often confused with Immigrants. The main different is that Exatriates see the move as temporary with every intention of returning to their native country while Immigrants are committed to the place they move to.

One famous group of expatriates called the Lost Generation refers to a group of individuals from America who stayed in Paris, France from World War I through the Great Depression. This group of expatriates included many great writers of American literature including Earnest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In the United Kingdom, Expatriates are not appreciated well upon returning to their country. This is because it is viewed as a betrayal of their culture and Nation. Often, there children are ridiculed in school if they carry any type of accent.

Many Expatriates can find support and encouragement in other expatriates. The internet offers many such websites for expatriates all over the world to join at no charge. There are chat rooms, blogs, and message boards. Jobs are listed as well as language lessons.

Expatriates leave their land of origin for many reasons. Some do so for adventure and exploration while others do so for work related reasons. International job seekers are very familiar with having to move from country to country to maintain their employment. Expatriates continue to fight for equality. They are often not grateful well in the new country, yet are often not welcomed with open arms when they return home.

It can leave them feeling like they really do not have a home anywhere. Most Expatriates stay to stay true to their roots rather than adapt to other traditions. Society as a whole needs to be more sympathetic and understanding of the needs and adaptations these Exatriates exhibit.

Source by Gabriel J. Adams

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