Owning a cat can be a very gratifying experience especially if you’ve done your homework and understand the tasks involved in having one as a pet.

The First Few Days

It is only natural that when you take your new kitten home, it may feel lost and disorientated. It will meow in search of her mother, hide in tiny places, refuse to eat and in general be sad. The way to alleviate this stress is to try and make her feel at home and comfortable all the time.

Cats, like many other pets, like good habits. It is important to keep a clean litter pan as they are very fussy. Feeding should be carried out at regular intervals especially in the first few days. It is wise to check the diet required for particular breeds, as various foods will be composed of different nutrients and vitamins which may apply to some breeds and less to others

Attitude and Training

Cats are an independent species and can be very hard to control especially if they have reached a certain age. It is advisable that training starts from the first few weeks. If this is done properly, the sacrifice and time spent to train your cat will serve a lifetime. Here is a short list of some cat attitudes and their meaning:

Biting – starting to having new teeth

Constant meowing – hungry, lonely or possibly dirty environment

Trying to get out the minute you open the door – need more outdoor time

Burying everywhere except the litter box – not pleased with litter box

Rubbing of head against you – marking you or your stuff as its territory

Scratching against windows – frustration of not getting hold of what’s out there

Hissing while petting – thank you, but I had enough of stroking and petting for today!


Brushing and grooming is very important for your cat. As much as diet is the primary important factor in taking care of your cat, psychological attention forms an important part in the formation and character of your cat’s actions. Taking care of your cat, however, does not stop in giving it food and petting it. Reproduction is an aspect one needs to consider when owing a cat. Unless breeding is something you are into, taking precautions such as spaying and neutering your cat are some things to consider.

The experience of owning a cat should be a pleasant one both for you and the cat. Cats are very difficult pets to please and they are very choosy in what they like, but with some research, particularly on the breed one prefers and some good advise, the feeling of having a cat or even many of them, is without doubt an enjoyable and rewarding one.

Source by Sandro Azzopardi

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