Month: January 2017

Zebra Finches-Fiesty Birds With a Perky Attitude!

Introduction Zebra finches are classified as the smallest of the pet birds available on the market. Originating from the continent of Australia, they are also found in Indonesia, Central and North America. With their attractive plumage and ease of maintenance, they are highly prized as pets. They are reliably hardy birds which can be kicked […]

Broken Feng Shui Items Should Be Replaced

Feng shui cures or enhancers are used to either suppress bad chi or encourage good chi to visit. In the Flying Star school, the items need to be moved on a yearly and monthly basis, to accomplish the necessary changes appropriately. The annual problems should always be addressed first, and then 'small tai chi' is […]

The Six National Symbols of Jamaica

Symbols are used to explain a certain set of principles, rules, preferences, and as for the flag, identification. So it has nothing to do with just randomly choosing objects without having any under meaning. The six symbols of Jamaica ALL have individual meanings and as such I am very excited to give some insights as […]

Magpie Symbol Meaning in Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, magpie is a symbol of happiness. The singing of a magpie foretells good luck and happiness. That's why Chinese people call it 'Happy Magpie'. The Manchu minority in Northern China even regards these birds as sacred animals. The magpie in Chinese is called 'xi que' and the character 'xi' means happiness. Two […]